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unique multi-channel mobile phone number for business

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    May 1, 2020 12:41 PM EDT

    Do you have any experience in this field? will it help develop a business?

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    May 2, 2020 5:58 AM EDT

    A multi-channel mobile number is a special number to which you can simultaneously receive calls from different clients. By connecting a multi-channel mobile number to Phonet IP telephony, you can automatically distribute the call flow to one mobile number among different employees, listen to audio recordings of call data (both in the Virtual PBX and in your CRM system), watch call analytics and much more another.

    Multichannel number - allows multiple subscribers to call the same number at the same time. A single number with the optimal number of telephone lines will never be "busy", so customers will be able to reach you the first time.
    Mobile SIM cards are single-channel. Even if you have another call on the “second line” during a call, you can only talk with one subscriber at a time. The second in the "standby mode" is kept by the telecom operator. An exception is a conference call, which is provided by a mobile operator.
    The number of trunks (lines) corresponds to the number of simultaneously incoming or outgoing calls. If there is no answer to the call, the PBX redirects to any other mobile or city number.
    Probably each of us got into such a situation that they call your mobile number, and at that time you are having a conversation with another person. The result of this sad picture is short beeps on the phone, dissatisfied customers and a drop in sales. And this is not a buzz. Who's guilty? What to do? We will not answer these questions, but today we’ll talk about how to make sure that you can always get through to you.

    The first thing you can do when solving this issue is to set up an IP PBX and connect an ip-operator that can send mobile communications via SIP (sip).

    In our example, we took the IP PBX OKTELL and MULTIPHON from Megaphone. The megaphone is the only one among the "Big Three", the first made a breakthrough in the field of connecting mobile and SIP telephony, and offered the market something that they had been waiting for a very long time, but could not get. A multiphone is connected as a service to the main tariff and allows you to call from computer to computer for free, and you can throw a SIM in a bucket, and all calls to mobile, city, regardless of your location, whether you are in Africa, Turkey or in Perm, will be charged the same. Roaming nervously smokes on the sidelines. Therefore, we can talk about the appearance of the Russian analogue of Skype, only cheaper.

    And having screwed up the corresponding automatic telephone exchange, the multiphone will allow you to make multi-channel mobile communication. That is, several people will be able to call you at the same time and they will all get through.

    This is possible due to the fact that all calls are not through a SIM card, but through the SIP protocol and the ability of the PBX to receive calls on several lines. You can also connect to your “number” via the Internet with any SIP device or softphone. If this interested, then read on how to do it in practice.

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    May 2, 2020 6:17 AM EDT

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    August 30, 2020 3:35 PM EDT

    Hey, thanks for the helpful tips and detailed instructions! I think these tips will be useful for newborn small companies that are just starting their journey. But I would advise you to turn to professionals like They will prompt and do everything so that it is inexpensive and of good quality.

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    October 27, 2020 2:11 AM EDT

    Thanks for picking out the time to discuss this. It is extremely helpful for me. Thanks for such a valuable help again.

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