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Hydraulic Torque Wrench For Sale,

  • November 16, 2021 2:30 AM EST



    Hydraulic torque wrenches are specially designed for applications that have space limitations or require high output torque, and are mainly used to tighten or remove large bolts. Mainly used in shipbuilding, petrochemical, construction, electric power, mining, metallurgy and other industries, hydraulic wrench is a very important torsion machine for installing and removing large bolts. It is easy to use and light in weight, and the torque provided is huge and precise. The maximum torque repeatability is approximately 3%.

    Hydraulic Torque Wrench


    The hydraulic torque wrench was first conceptualized in 1960 and was later invented by George Sturdevant in 1968. Later, engineers carefully studied the physical principles of bolt tightening devices, thereby improving the consistent and correct method of measuring and applying force. Together with the advancements in technology and usability made by tool manufacturers, the current hydrolic torque wrench was created.

    How Does A Hydraulic Torque Wrench Work?

    The design of the hydraulic torque machine utilizes the huge leverage force generated by the hydraulic piston, and high-pressure hydraulic power is provided by a pneumatic or electric hydraulic pump.


    The hydraulic piston is connected to the ratchet by a reaction pawl assembly that allows it to engage with the ratchet teeth in advance mode to rotate the nut or bolt head, and then release during the retraction of the piston to re-engage to the next forward push position.


    All hydraulic wrenches work under a maximum hydraulic pressure of 700 bar, with double-acting heavy-duty hydraulic pistons, quick and easy to operate, and can be used to tighten or loosen nuts/bolts accurately.

    Hydraulic Torque Wrench

    Generally speaking, hydraulic torque tools are mainly used for the installation and removal of bolts with a diameter greater than one inch. It is powered by hydraulic pressure and provides high torque. The maximum output torque of the torque equipment can reach 140,000Nm.