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Good health and beauty start from the gut!

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    October 22, 2021 4:58 AM EDT


    Health and gut health are the most important issues in Japan these days. Because the intestine is not the only organ that digests and absorbs nutrients into the bloodstream. But it also plays an important role in the body in terms of beauty and health. Let's know the function of the intestines and practices to maintain a healthy intestine as recommended by Japanese health experts.

    important function of the intestine
    In addition to the intestine is the source of digestion and absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream. It is the source of the body's defense cells. It was found that 60% of the body's immune cells are made up of the intestines. If the intestines are not clean, waste from food that is left behind and from the metabolic system will be absorbed into the bloodstream. resulting in thick, viscous blood And causes the accumulation of fat under the skin and various organs in the body. Taking good care of the intestines will help the body to be healthy and not easily sick. and has the effect of enhancing the body to burn energy as well Resulting in good skin and not easy to get fat.

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    Guidelines for taking care of the intestines to be healthy for physical health and beauty.

    1. Take good care of the intestinal environment.
    60 percent of the body's immune system is made up of the gut. If the intestinal environment is not good It will cause the growth of pathogens and weaken the immune system. Normally, the human gut contains approximately 2000-3000 types of bacteria, in excess of 100 trillion, including good bacteria. bad bacteria and bacteria that live in the intestines If the ratio of all three bacteria is 2:1:7, it indicates a healthy gut environment. Maintaining a healthy ratio of the good bacteria over the bad bacteria in the intestines will result in good health.

    2. Avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol.
    Drinking alcohol in moderation improves the functioning of the digestive system. Will result in the increase of bad bacteria in the intestines.

    3. Use a normal daily life.
    Irregular daily activities such as eating and going to bed, resting less, waking up almost noon during the holidays, etc., will cause the balance of the autonomic nervous system to be abnormal. which negatively affects the intestines Therefore, the daily rhythm of life should be adjusted to normal. by waking up early, going to bed early and eating breakfast

    4. Regularly exercise moderately.
    Moderate exercise, such as walking, exercising and yoga, will help promote bowel movements. Normalize the excretion and make the environment in the intestines good.