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Invite children to clean the house with the principle of 3S 1L

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    October 21, 2021 4:53 AM EDT


    Advice during the semester break Parents invite children to clean the house, adhere to the 3S 1L principle to help reduce dust, prevent respiratory disease. Create family activities Including the promotion and development of various skills of the child as well.

        The semester break, when children are free from online learning, is a time for families to spend time together to the fullest. Therefore, parents should find activities to do together in the family. by cleaning the house to help reduce dust and encourage children to participate and make good use of their free time. which can be done together with parents with the principle of 3S 1L which is

        1) S : Clean up, separate unnecessary or unused items because they will be a source of dust accumulation, such as broken equipment. Old newspapers, magazines, journals, etc., especially the rooms that are regularly used should have minimal furniture and items. in order to be able to clean thoroughly

        2) S : Clean, use a damp cloth to clean the furniture in the house. the floor and in the nooks and crannies to prevent the spread of dust Including washing appliances such as fans, air conditioners and air filters, screens, clean for bedding Bed linens should be washed. regular pillowcase As well as should wash and clean the curtains as well.

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        3) S : Build Should create a healthy habit of taking care of and cleaning the house regularly. especially during high dust May need to increase the frequency of cleaning the house more. Including creating a good environment by planting trees to help trap dust.

        1l is to avoid, to avoid activities that cause additional dust, such as burning leaves, lighting incense-candles. When grilling using a charcoal grill, wear gloves when cleaning. The mask covers the nose and mouth at all times. To help reduce dust inhalation and prevent exposure to allergens and skin diseases.