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  • October 20, 2021 4:13 AM EDT

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    n addition there are several effective holistic home remedies for the treatment of bags under eyes. Your skin has stretched and become thinner as it ages
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    Inherited genetics from a persons parents is a very large factor in how healthy their skin is and the way it changes as it ages. Your genetics can not be modified and aging is inevitable nevertheless several other factors which cause eye bags can certainly be controlled. Having a healthy and active lifestyle devoid of any skin damaging bad habits is an excellent treatment for bags under eyes. Skin damage and aging can be enhanced by bad habits like smoking and alcohol consumption, so if you have these habits, stopping them might be considered as a treatment for bags under eyes.
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    Your regular diet can also be a key player in how healthy and young looking your skin is. You must follow a low sodium diet so that your body does not retain water and cause puffy eye bags to form. You also need plenty of water every day to ensure that your body is properly hydrated and not trying to retain fluids. Your body requires essential nutrients, essential fatty acids, antioxidantsFree Reprint Articles, minerals and vitamins so as to keep your skin healthy and looking younger. You should eat a diet that is wholesome and healthy and includes lots of whole grain products and fresh vegetables and also fish.
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    Facial exercises have become a popular treatment for bags under eyes nowadays and they seem to work for many people. One easy exercise is to place two fingers of each hand over the bags underneath the eyes and then close the eyes and roll them back in their sockets while pressing gently using the fingers. Getting adequate sleep certainly helps to keep eye bags at bay and when you are sleeping you can help any surplus fluids that have accumulated around the eyes to drain away. Use additional pillows to raise the head and gravity will execute the rest.
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    Keeping a cold object against the puffy eye bags is a natural treatment for bags under eyes which has been practiced by people for centuries. Slices of cucumber were traditionally used however green tea bags are now popular for the reason that certain ingredients present in them have anti-inflammatory properties. Liquid vitamin e is an excellent treatment for bags under eyes when it is massaged gently into the sensitive skin near the eyes. Honey has long been a favorite traditional remedy for puffy eye bags and so have face masks prepared from crushed papaya or bananas. Rinsing with cold water can also lessen eye bags.