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dragon border actor At the neck of the retro Chinese series

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    July 22, 2021 4:41 AM EDT

    นักแสดงชายแดนมังกร ที่คอซีรีส์จีนย้อนยุคยกให้เป็น



    dragon border actor At the neck of the retro Chinese series, it is "Handsome boy with good work in traditional Chinese clothes"

    When it comes to retro Chinese series Many people think of traditional Chinese costumes and elaborate accessories that reflect the glamorous Chinese culture. Wearing a traditional Chinese dress is different from the pg slot one in modern times. Sometimes the hairstyles and traditional costumes they wear may not complement the actor's face shape. So, photos of retro Chinese actors. Therefore, it is always in the eye of the drama fans.

    Some of the actors are dressed in traditional Chinese costumes and become extremely charming. From being already handsome to being more handsome until girls are screaming all over the city for this handsomeness. Let's see if there are any male actors that fans are considered to be handsome men in ancient chinese dress


    The main heroine of Chinese series like Hu Ge, who is most often shown in the Chinese retro series until he was nicknamed. ancient drama prince He is a very good-looking actor in traditional Chinese costumes. The ancient Chinese costume that was worn in his early Chinese drama series, Chinese Paladin, made him look very handsome. He is considered the standard of handsomeness for many people in traditional Chinese clothing. Hu Ge has a unique personality that is very suitable for ancient costumes. The retro Chinese series he starred in after this, The Xuan-Yuan Sword (Scar of Sky), Sound of the Desert, Land-turning Great Man Lang Yang-Bang (Nirvana in Fire) all proved that Hu Ge was charming. Just in traditional Chinese costumes