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    December 28, 2017 10:05 PM EST
    Teclast G18

    Tablet PC can be used for Internet access , video, games and entertainment, but the implementation of these functions are largely dependent on the network, and the tablet is the most common means of access is to connect to the network through the wireless WIFI, when you go out or when there is no wireless WIFI tablet can not be in the Internet to communicate with the outside world, the tablet experience suddenly compromised!

    Recently,the well-known trademarks Taipower Technology launched a new 3G Tablet PC, model G18 dual-core, it not only has all the features of the Tablet PC, Internet is 3G talk, send text messages, GPS navigation and Bluetooth functions in one, you direct phone card can be inserted into the the Teclast G18 dual-core can maintain the smooth flow of the network anytime, anywhere, whether indoors or go out to play. Teclast G18 dual-core is already the country of arrival, the price is only 899 yuan, almost a price with the current ordinary dual-core tablet, Teclast G18 dual-core that is flat is a large-screen mobile phone!
    Comprehensive support 3G call function

    The Teclast G18 dual-core support 3G, 2G call + SMS function, the signal is clear, to support voice, video calls, anytime calls without headphones. The flat can call, send text messages, distance is no longer distant, Teclast G18 dual-core phone and tablet combination.

    Fastaccurate GPS navigation function
    The Teclast G18 dual-core special built-in GPS module, and fast GPS positioning, and support for A-GPS assisted positioning, more accurate positioning! Both by car the urban line or on foot outskirts go if disoriented or I do not know the location of where, simply open the GPS navigation system on the tablet, the Teclast G18 Dual endorsed immediately lead the way for you and your travel partner.

    Handwritten SMS
    The Teclast G18 dual-core support the SMS transfer function can be achieved between the mobile phone can send and receive text messages to each other, you can also pass information through handwriting input function to your closest!

    Bluetooth support
    Teclast G18 dual-core special built-in Bluetooth module, support Bluetooth mouse, Bluetooth keyboard, remote control in the home office computer. Business card scanning, securities stocks, video conferencing, multi-party conference call ...... calmly handheld office, enjoying the wealth appreciation!

    MediaTek MT8377 dual-core processors
    MediaTek latest Cortex A9 architecture Teclast G18 dual-core 1GHz dual-core processor, up to 76% performance increase, multitasking concurrent processing, and enjoy lightning speed! 40nm precision process intelligent FM processor, support for multi-tasking, more energy saving.

    8 inch second-generation IPS screen
    Teclast G18 dual-core 8-inch original IPS screen, the screen ratio of 4:3. The viewing area is 1.5 times the normal 7-inch 16:10 tablet PC! Either browse pictures, watch movies, browse the web, play the game has excellent visual experience effect. Teclast G18 dual-core screen not only the visual area, and the screen resolution up to 1024 x 768. Browsing can be achieved when the full-page view, without lateral drag. Viewing a picture or video of higher resolution, richer detail, is the current leader in the Tablet PC screen.

    Third generation G+ G capacitive touch screen
    The Teclast G18 dual-core using the most advanced third generation G+ G capacitive touch screen has more superior touch experience to enhance! First generation G+ P capacitive touch screen using the structure of the sensor glass + PET plastic is very soft and is easily deformed. Second-generation G+ G capacitance touchscreen improve the the sensor glass + tempered glass cover structure, smooth feel manipulated. Third generation G+ G capacitive touch screen hardness higher strength tempered glass, glass scratch a 3-fold increase, visible scratches reduced by 40%, the glass compression, increased by 50%! Either play the game or other software applications, table G18 dual-core fluid manipulated handle can make you feel comfortable.

    1GB dual-channel DDR3 memory, run more smoothly
    Teclast G18 dual-core memory configuration 1GB large capacity DDR3 memory, a full large double than similar products in the market! Both run games, browse the web or open large files, the the Teclast G18 dual-core speed advantage compared to 512MB of memory products. To meet more stringent performance requirements for high-end users.

    5:00 tempered glass touch panel, accurate and sensitive drift
    Teclast G18 dual-core with a new generation of multi-point capacitive touch screen, super translucent, touch responsive, precise positioning. Touch panel with a double glass panel process with the of iPAD2 same structural principle, the use of advanced laser etching process with pure graphic design, Touch sensitive and accurate, slide, and put an end to any operation dead ends. The panel is made of high-strength tempered glass, high hardness without foil also do not have to worry about scratching. Either play the game or other software applications, Teclast G18 dual-core fluid manipulation feel can make you feel comfortable.
    Source: Teclast G18

    Built-in high-definition camera, video chat a snap
    The Teclast G18 dual-core with the front camera, through QQ, SKYPE chat software easily start a video chat network feature that allows you to carry out intimate contact with family and friends anytime, anywhere.

    To support OTG extensions DIP various types of USB devices
    Teclast the G18 dual core support OTG extensions, can be easily connected via a OTG cable all types of USB devices, extending the functionality of the Tablet PC and applications.

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