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    December 21, 2017 10:55 PM EST

    This fall, we reported on The Knot’s 2017 Jewelry & Engagement study, which may well be serving as your most comprehensive tool when it comes to anticipating the top engagement ring trends of pandora jewelry sale uk 2018. Perhaps you used the study to curate your current bridal collections to entice those getting engaged during the holidays.

    Certainly you should use your own holiday bridal sales as a barometer of pandora essence charms cheap what to expect customers will be seeking; meanwhile, we’ve done our own digging, reporting, and observing to put together a prediction of 2018’s reigning engagement ring trends. To do so, we used The Knot’s study with feedback from jewelers big and small, as well as artist studio designers. (They’re the ones dictating tastes these days—I’ve got a story that speaks to this in the January-February issue of JCK; look for it at JCK Tucson. )Get the inside scoop below—the findings may surprise you.

    A royal engagement always has a dramatic effect on consumer appetites and behavior and everyone’s expecting Megan Markle’s ring from Prince Harry to pandora charms family spark a renewed interest in three-stone styles. Historically, this look has been considered a classic, not-trendy choice. The new twist to look out for? Using family diamonds for the side stones (as Markle and Prince Harry did) or the center stone itself.

    “More and more, I’m seeing that clients are incorporating small pieces and memories of pandora birthday gift charms|pandora wedding gifts|pandora charms princess|pandora rose rings|pandora sterling silver rings|pandora stud earrings
    |pandora pendants for necklaces their parents and grandparents into a custom engagement ring design, ” says Lauren Priori, of L. Priori, a private jeweler in Philadelphia. “Many of my clients love the love story behind their family diamonds, but may not love the current setting. Incorporating family diamonds instantly elevates the engagement ring, turning it from something beautiful into a truly special heirloom. ”