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Everything you need to know about Minju Kim

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    April 13, 2021 8:59 AM EDT

    Every fashionista who was following the Netflix fashion series Next In Fashion must have come across the next toss in the fashion industry, Minju Kim. The headmost champion of Next In Fashion, Minju Kim is a contrary and platitudinous designer. Before we came across her bold cuts and designs, the designer already had celebrated K-pop celebrities as her clients including BTS. 


    The 34-year-old designer has been catering her designs by creating outfits leading K-pop bands like BTS and the girl band Red Velvet. World tour stage attires for BTS were designed by Minju. Besides the seven vocals on the song I Need You and DNA their outfits were creating a  major hype amidst the crowd. For the girl band, Red Velvet music video 'One of these nights' Minju sewed perfection. 

    A glimpse of Minju Kim's background.


    Celebrated for her eye-catching prints, this South Korean fashion designer hails from Gwangju. Born in 1985 Kim completed her schooling in New Zealand. As a teenager becoming a fashion designer was never in Minju's perspective. She wanted to become a cartoonist at first but it was her parents who buoyed her to be a fashion designer. To pursue fashion, she went to Seoul. Enrolled herself in Samsung Art & Design Institute to pursue fashion. For her master's degree in fashion, Kim went to Antwerp and took admission in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts especially known for bolstering fashion rangers like Balenciaga’s Demna Gvasalia, Martin Margiela and Dries Van Noten.


    In 2015, Minju Kim started her own Seoul-based industry MINJUKIM. Kim in the fashion industry is most celebrated for her out of the box bold prints. She often introduces her fashion shows with enthralling designs that demonstrate her self created prints, no doubts why Kim always stands out from the crowd. Minju Kim's fall collection for the year 2018 was solely developed on Galaxy Express 999. Besides designing the best fashion Kim is also a teacher at Kookmin University where she takes classes for design.


    Minju Kim as a winner.


    In the year 2013, while the designer was still pursuing her master's degree in fashion when she took the H & M Design Award. She then again got nominated for the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers just a year later. Minju Kim's biggest win was still on hold until she was announced as the inaugural ultimate champion for the Netflix fashion series Next In Fashion. Knocking down the total of 18 fashion designers from worldwide, it was Minju Kim who made her way to USD 250,000 and a fashion deal from Net-a-Porter.


    Minju Kim's unbeatable collection in Next I'm Fashion.


    Every viewer of Next In Fashion would agree for every challenge in the show Minju came out bashing down all typical stereotypes. Known as a stereotypical fashion designer Minju, every collection in the show demonstrated femininity with volume. It was Minju's airy creations that encouraged the fashion taste of the juvenile to dress up like Simone Rocha and Molly Goddard.


    The aforementioned is a stereotypical fashion designer Minju Kim is all about her traditional yet classy designs. By her Korean heritage for pattern-making challenges she came up with a forsythia print, forsythia is a spring flower of Gwangju. The cloying satiation and the spread-out voluminous sleeves serve the resemblance of the. Korean traditional dress hanbok.


    Despite all these drops dead alluring yet wrapped in traditional hues designs, it was still Minju Kim's last ultimate collection that topped every fashionista list. The collection has ten designs stimulated by Frida Kahlo. Minju Kim mystical sewing tools created all ten winning looks in just three days. The Mexican designer Frida Kahlo was someone who inspired Minju Kim with her strong personality. During the show, Next In Fashion Minju was captured talking about Frida Kahlo about how she manifested all her difficulties through her fashion.


    Despite being so adhered to by Frida Kahlo fashion sense and designs, it was Minju's honesty and integrity towards her work that she didn't adopt any of Frida Kahlo's notions in her collection. For her collection, she altogether came up with her cuts and stitches. Minju's collection was entirely adorned with voluminous dolled up designs, peplum tops and sizable hems. And all this boils down to that one magnificent bridal gown that made everyone's doubts limpid that it's no one besides Minju Kim who is winning the very first season of Next In Fashion.


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