Mmoexp FUT 23:To make as many coins as possible

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    July 20, 2023 10:59 PM EDT

    On the far left is 84s at their base price of 2,100 coins. Base price means the price of that overall when FUT 23 Coins  they are not demanded.The second red arrow highlights when 84s hit their maximum peak. This was due to the Max 87 Hero SBC being released.

    This SBC required a ton of high-rated players, including 84s. Over the next couple of days, 84s started rising in price as more people completed this SBC. Eventually, they reached a peak of 3,800 coins. If you had invested at the lowest price and sold at the highest price, you would have made 1,500 coins after EA tax per card.

    To make as many coins as possible, you will need to mass-buy these players when they hit their low or base price. You will then hold them until they are in demand,If you want to calculate the profits you make, you can use this EA Tax Calculator to do so.How to Make Coins Buying 84-Rated Players

    When 84s are valued at 2,500 coins or less, this is a good time to invest! The best time to sell these players is once they have reached over 3,000 coins.Due to their price, investing in 84s will only require a low budget to get started but if you have a higher budget, you can still invest as well.

    Make Coins Buying 85-Rated Players 85s will be at their base price of around 7,500 coins but anywhere below 8,000 coins is still a safe investment.The safe way to ensure profit is to sell once they have reached over 9,000 coins but you could take the risk and hold in the hope they reach above 10,000 coins.

    The 87-rated market is the worst market to invest in as the return on investment is quite low. However, by buying at the right prices you  cheap FIFA 23 Coins can still make coins.Make sure to pick these up when they hit 17,000 coins or below on the market and sell them once they hit 19,500 coins.

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