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    June 26, 2023 5:09 PM EDT - the best quotes about dogs.
    Dogs are not just pets, they are loyal companions and members of many families. Cute and loyal pets, they capture hearts with their intelligent eyes and barking. They can become best friends, therapists and even guardian angels. So anyone who has a dog understands how life-enriching this incredible experience is., in turn, has collected the most interesting and best quotes about dogs from famous people who share our admiration for these creatures. Some of them simply admire the unconditional love that dogs give to their owners, while others see them as a true example of loyalty and devotion.
    Sentimental irony is a dog that bays at the moon while pissing on graves. Karl Kraus. Read more at
    One of the most famous dog quotes relates to the writer Horace - "A dog is a man's best friend." This simple phrase explains how so many people feel about their pets. Dogs can be a real support in life, helping their owners even in difficult moments.
    Another famous quote refers to the actor Robin Williams, "Dogs know how to be friends. This phrase convincingly emphasizes that dogs don't require much from their owners except love and care. They can even develop friendships not only with humans, but also with their fellow animals in the animal world.
    A more philosophical attitude toward dogs is expressed by writer Dennis Happer - "Dogs are our connection to nature, and I suppose they remind us that we are not all-powerful." This quote puts dogs in the role of mirroring what we humans often lose in our hustle and bustle and desire for success-the ability to find joy in simple things and to interact with the world in harmony.
    Many of us see dogs as reliable travel companions, someone who is always there for us on the road. An old adage, "A car trip without a dog is like a wedding without a groom," subscribes to this idea. If someone doesn't have a dog, they probably don't realize how true that phrase is.
    Finally, many people know that dogs can give not only love and devotion, but also a smile on their face. This sentiment was shared by writer and publicist Andy Rooney - "A smile on my face is the best disguise ever, and my dog is my main helper." Dogs, very often, are a source of smiles and genuine joy. is a veritable collection of the best quotes about dogs, reminding us of what wonderful creatures live with us. They bring a lot of positive emotions to the world, and in each quote we can feel something important and valuable. If you also love your dogs, then be sure to check out these quotes, they will not leave you indifferent.