Agriculture And Biology: Definition, Types, and Diseases List

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    Agriculture they did a kind of the these two viruses have been associated with the flying fox okay so Ebola where we obviously can't cover this it's a huge a huge talk in and of itself and all these these topics were but we'll just kind of briefly discuss a few things so prior to 2013 a lot of bull outbreaks were sporadic it wasn't until then that they a lot of the kind of pandemic as we we're aware of it today had occurred so there's five different types of Ebola strains that were discovered between 1976 and 2002 the search manifestations that all occur later in the second phase of the disease so I think why it because it became so important I thought this this is an older graph from when the epidemic was occurring in 2014 but it she kind of shows how their their world they said that many outbreaks that dated back but the 2014 epidemic was really where we saw a lot of deaths and there were there were greater than 25,000 people at that point affected and greater than 10,000 people died so it's really not known why or when the 


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