6 Tips to Make Your HD Lace Wig Last Longer

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    May 10, 2023 3:29 AM EDT

    HD lace is ultra-thin. The HD Lace Wigs part is high-definition lace, which is more vitrification, thinner, and lighter than ordinary Swiss laces. However, HD lace is fragile and easy to tear. If you pull hard, the HD lace may break. In ordinary use, we can pay attention to the following points.

    1. Open the package softly.
    The excitement about the package is understandable. You should open the package carefully to avoid damaging the HD Lace Front Wigs. High-definition lace wigs may tear accidentally when opening the package. This has happened to many people.

    2. It's better not to bleach knots.
    A few individuals utilize fading items to dye the hitches of high-definition lace wigs to get a more normal appearance. On the one hand, HD Lace Closure Wigs are reasonable for all skin colors, without utilizing bind coloring. On the other hand, coloring and fading will decrease the execution of HD lace wigs and cause harm to them.

    3. Try to be careful if pre-pluck the wig.
    Each high definition lace wig is pre-stretched before delivery. Some people choose to pull themselves out. Also, when pre-plucking at home, be careful not to touch the HD chip.

    4. More care to clean the hair.
    HD lace wigs require cleaning and care to prolong the useful life of the wig. It has been carefully cleaned and is in excellent condition. High definition lace wigs should be highly appreciated.

    5. Avoid long-time immersion and exposure.
    Do not soak high definition lace wigs for a long time. Prolonged soaking and sun exposure are harmful to HD lace wigs. In direct sunlight, the HD chip can be deformed or even endangered by high temperatures.

    6. Comb your hair cautiously.
    Use a wide comb to gently brush your HD lace wig from the ends to the middle and then to the ends. Do not apply excessive force to the HD chip with a comb, etc.

    I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit coleenhair.com