Offensive Football Tactic Methods

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    Teams with powerful offenses can employ an offensive football tactic strategy that is aggressive and leaves little room for the other team to score. There are several different ways to accomplish this type of strategy, but the bottom line is that you want to keep the ball away from the other team for as long as possible. If they are busy chasing you, they will probably move out of position more often and give you more opportunities to score. football tactics

    The Fast Break
    The pass and move, football tactic is one of the most exciting to watch and participate in. Players move the ball from one end of the field to the other quickly by making short passes to one another. As soon as one player receives a pass, he needs to make up his mind immediately whether to pass it or keep it. The speed of this decision is key - they player needs to maintain momentum toward the goal at the other end. Players who are using this tactic are never still. The motion of the entire team is constantly moving toward the goal, and passes happen with lightning speed when they do happen.

    Quick Passing
    Quick passing is very similar to the fast break football tactic, but it can be used when the teams are set in their offensive and defensive patterns as well as moving the ball quickly across the field. Players who use quick passing techniques are always trying to get into position to accept a new pass as soon as they get rid of the ball. This keeps the defense on their toes as they try to anticipate the next move and cover the next target. Sometimes quick passes are between several players, and sometimes two players keep the ball in motion between themselves.

    A more strategic football tactic involves knowing where the other team's defense is set up and attempting to drop the ball in behind them. When someone from the offense sets up behind the defensive line, the ball can be shot directly to him so that he can try to get it past the goalie who is the only person between him and the goal. It's easy to draw the defensive team into giving up corner-kicks and throw-ins using this technique as well, because when they go for the ball they'll be facing their own goal.

    Use a Skilled Target
    If you plan to use a football tactic that requires a long pass or dropping the ball into a tight situation, it is important that you have a target who is skilled at receiving and shooting the ball. When you have a particularly talented striker, you may have the advantage that the other team will use two defenders to cover him. That leaves a part of the field open for another member of the offense to sneak a goal past the defenders who are concentrating on the single striker. Most professional teams designate one player to be the strong target.

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