Pre-Launch ICO - An Overview

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    March 21, 2023 8:46 AM EDT

    In today's crypto world, there are many crowdfunding methods available such as ICO, IEO, STO, etc. Among them, ICO crowdfunding is the most successful fundraising method in the cryptocurrency market. The Initial Coin Offering Pre-Sale stage is the way for a business that conducts an ICO to offer potential investors to join their crowdfunding campaign.

    Now let's talk about what a pre-launch ICO is,

    The term “pre-launch ICO” refers to the process that takes place before the crowd sale begins. It allows investors to purchase tokens before the actual crowd sale. It is the correct way for companies to raise funds for their projects.

    Depending on the nature of the token, it is often aimed at large retail investors. The pre-sale stage has a positive impact on the ICO for both investors and owners. It helps the company raise funds and fund the tokens the company intends to sell. And also the presale offers discounts to investors looking to acquire tokens at this stage. Pre-sale investors often receive other bonuses such as free access, bonus cards, premium membership, etc.

    The Pre-ICO differs from the main ICO in the sense that different smart contracts are used in both events. A token sale usually takes place before the ICO to raise funds for the initial settlement and to fund the launch of the ICO main event. Some companies use their funds for paid advertising to attract investors and operate more strategically.

    Aim of pre-ICO sale

    A common goal of pre-ICO campaigns is to attract true angel investors to invest in the project. For example, if 10% of the total amount is collected, this amount will be used for further implementation of the project like building infrastructure, hiring new team members, or completing another step in your roadmap.
    Pre-launch ICO is highly advantageous and beneficial to the crypto business in many ways. Want to know more? For a complete idea about pre-sale or pre-launch ICO, check out this blog @

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