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    January 27, 2020 4:22 AM EST

    evianne really quick so I had the blot I had to look a little bit more camera-ready but I definitely noticed that the oily parts started breaking up here I was really shiny here products like these I think are really great for someone who has intense oil and really needs something that's going to mattify the skin and allow the skin to be long wearing would this replace powder for me no do I think it's valuable actually yes just not in the way that I used it in this video like I would use this like I said mix the foundation or whatever kind of thicken something up matte by something not necessarily like on its own I like for the oil um it's gonna be balanced I don't necessarily know if I would use this on my bare skin by itself just like I don't use skin to blur oh I might well I do I do why did I say that I do that all the time but skin to blur is a little bit more velvety less mattes like it mattifies but it doesn't leave you look at Matt dry this will actually dry out your skin and some people like that if that's what you like it if that's your cup of tea drink up alright