rinks to sushi correctly, you're in

  • January 18, 2020 4:21 AM EST
    Ling and Louies Asian Bar and Grill
    Submitted 2018-12-21 09:38:45 Although it might not seem like creative cocktails and sushi are the ultimate combination Barry Bonds Youth Jersey , since many people opt for traditional sake, if you pair your drinks to sushi correctly, you're in for a treat. Just like certain wines go best with specific cuts of meat, or certain beers work well with specific pub grub Willie Mays Youth Jersey , sushi and drinks go hand in hand. If you鈥檙e struggling to find a drink that goes well with sushi, here are some tips try out the next time you鈥檙e eating sushi in Meridian Idaho.

    The Challenge

    One of the reasons that people usually stick with water or the tried and true sake is because they are neutral or mild in flavor, and sake鈥檚 lower ABV means it doesn鈥檛 clash with the taste of raw fish. The biggest challenge of pairing the right cocktails and other drinks with the right roll is finding a cocktail that isn鈥檛 overly sweet or bitter and has flavors that complement the dish rather than overpower it. With this in mind, you have more options than you might think Willie McCovey Jersey , as long as you know what flavors you鈥檙e after.


    Wine and sushi go together the easiest, and if you know your wines, you shouldn't have a problem pairing them together. Keep in mind that you should choose slightly sweeter wines when eating something spicy, and that the acidity levels of the drink and the food should be similar Dave Dravecky Jersey , along with the weights or textures (light, heavy, full-bodied).

    Japanese Whisky

    If you鈥檙e a whiskey lover, you can easily swap out American whiskey for Japanese whisky in your favorite cocktails. Drinks like the Manhattan or the Japanese Highball pair well with fish of the mackerel variety as the whisky will bring out the sweeter flavors of the fish for a smoky Gaylord Perry Jersey , sweet flavor profile.


    Mixing cocktails with sushi is the trickiest of all the types of drinks on this list. The most significant reason is that there are just countless different drink options and you never know how one will taste compared to the next. Try and keep it simple and choose a drink that isn't super stiff and has a flavor profile that goes well with sushi.

    When visiting restaurants that offer sushi in Eagle Idaho area, look for cocktails on the menu that feature ginger, a powerful ingredient that can really set off any sushi roll. Look for drinks made with ginger beer or fresh ginger like a Moscow mule, or a ginger-lime margarita.


    If the restaurant you're going to offers a Japanese beer Orlando Cepeda Jersey , you should go for one of those offerings. Japanese lagers and other beers often have a flavor profile that pairs very well with most types of sushi rolls and can be a refreshing way to chase down an extra spicy roll. If no Japanese beers are available, then go for a light lager and try to stay away from overly hoppy beers with high ABVs like IPAs.

    Old Reliable Drinks

    If you aren鈥檛 feeling up to trying a new drink during happy hour in Meridian, some other common drinks practically guaranteed to pair well with any sushi roll are champagne and cocktails made with vodka. Both are relatively neutral and won鈥檛 clash with your food, so the flavor of the fresh fish can shine through.

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