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    Have a Lucid Dream Almost Before You Finish Counting Sheep Self Help Articles | July 20 Billy Turner Jersey , 2011

    Here are two important things you need to do that will ensure you will not only Have a Lucid Dream, but be able to stay in the lucid state for longer periods of time.

    The discovery of lucid dreaming was a great one indeed, and not just because it brought about the making of that very intense movie called Inception. But more because it's not only a great way to relax, but you have lucid dreams while you sleep (of course).

    I love to sleep Adrian Amos Jersey , so it wasn't very hard for me to have a lucid dream after I learned a few tricks (like the best time to become lucid, the spinning method, etc.) I also added some breathing exercises at the beginning to get me into a calm state and help my brain get rid of the "dust" of the day. Once, after an especially intense breathing session I even found myself floating above my bed! Well Preston Smith Jersey , at least it felt like I was floating. When I told myself how cool that was, it all ended and I was back on top of the bed.

    The reason I mention that story is because in order to have a lucid dream, you have to recognize when you are in this dream state so you don't ruin it all by thinking about how cool it is! The minute your subconscious comes into play, that's the minute you will wake up and the dream might not come back to you.

    That's why the process leading up to a successful lucid dream is so important. It's imperative that you track your dreams for awhile so you can be sort of - unconsciously - aware that you are dreaming.

    The next most important thing to do is not get to carried away with it all and lose your ability to recognize when you are dreaming and when you are awake.? After you've been able to have a lucid dream a few times Dexter Williams Jersey , you will need to start doing reality checks so you don't do something stupid when you're not dreaming!

    Reality checks are VERY important, which is why you will also need a personnel Lucid Dreaming Totem. I'm sure you can understand the fact that even though you can jump off a building and? soar like an eagle while you are dreaming, if you try to do this while you're awake (when you think you're dreaming), you will end it all! And I'm not just talking about the dream ending!

    Before you try to have a lucid dream Jace Sternberger Jersey , you should study the process, which doesn't take long. It's simply a basic understanding of what happens during the dream cycle, and how you can manipulate your dreams into including you; and the adventures you want to have in your dream.

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