How Many Bundles With A 360 Lace Front Wigs

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    January 3, 2023 3:02 AM EST

    The 360 Lace Wig has a completely different look from the front lace wig and full lace wig. These wigs are like headbands with hair attached to them. Just like the front and full lace wig, the 360 ​​lace wig is made from natural human hair and as its name suggests, it creates a complete hairline around your head.

    All lace front, full, or 360 Wigs are great and ideal for any natural woman looking for beauty and radiance. These lace wigs come in a variety of styles; curly, straight, blonde, and other colors and saves you from having to worry about regularly visiting the salon every week or two to keep the look cool.

    Now that you have a clear knowledge of these lace wigs and their differences, go straight into the step-by-step process for you to get a 360 Lace Front Wigs.

    Step One
    First, you will take a white pencil from your kit and mark the position of the ears on the wig cap before placing 360 frontal. This will be a guide to help you know exactly where to install the 360 Lace Frontal. Place the wig cap on the mannequin’s head and use the pins to retain it. Put your wig cap out because you need to hook it outside. Using a 360 wig, you will start by fixing the lace section on the ends that you marked out on the wig cap. Remember to fold the lace before starting sewing to get a clean finish.

    Step Two
    Next is sewing the bundles. First, you will have to adjust the wig cap properly and pin it to the mannequin with pins. This allows for easy sewing. The number of bundles used to make 360 wigs varies from person to person, for most people four bundles will do this, while for others with three they are fine.

    Step Three
    It is normal for first-time tailors to have difficulty sewing in a straight line. To avoid this difficulty, you can place the lace on the line you want to sew with some pins and use a pencil to outline where you need to sew. This also makes sewing easier.

    Step Four
    Now that your wig is almost ready, take the wig cap out of the mannequin’s head and cut the excess of the hat that peeked under your lace. Make sure not to cut into your stitches and also avoid cutting too close to your hair.

    Turn the inside of the cap and stitch the comb on. The comb is sewn inside the wig cap to hold it in place and add more strength to your wig. It is better to have one or two combs on each side of the head.

    I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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