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Foot Massage Benefits - Fact or Fiction?

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    December 29, 2022 1:21 PM EST

    Water based foot massagers are the next best thing to a mechanical foot massaging. These, too, are relatively inexpensive and they feel good as well. Warm water will bathe the feet and soothe them, but again, very little therapeutic value is derived from a water-based massager, as the water cannot apply a great deal of pressure to the foot. Relaxing with a water based foot massage does feel great though. However, the hassle from filling the basin and emptying it afterward, as well as from having to dry off the feet afterward can keep some people from using these very often.

    Vibrating foot massagers offer exactly what it sounds like, a best foot massager uk by vibration against the feet. This type of massager is usually higher priced than the water based or mechanical. They run a soothing vibration over the soles of the feet and stimulate the skin and deeper tissues. They vary in intensity and many have different settings from which a user can choose, so a person can customize the massage intensity to their own liking. They are extremely easy to use and are often activated by pressure, so all a person need do is step into it and experience the benefits of a foot massage.