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Twitter has probably released around 12,000 blocked accounts

  • December 4, 2022 4:55 AM EST

    Elon Musk's amnesty project is in full swing on Twitter. Available information shows that thousands of blocked accounts have regained access to this social network, and their number has reached 12,000 accounts since November 5 .

    A developer in Germany named "Travis Braun" recently published IDs and screen names of unblocked accounts in a public list on GitHub. He says that since November 17, hundreds of accounts have been released daily, and specifically, on November 30, the limit of about 2,500 accounts was removed.

    This figure may be just a small part of Elon Musk's plan to free up accounts. The platformer website previously claimed that Musk wants to return about 62,000 accounts to this social network.

    What accounts are back on Twitter?

    An overview of a number of these blocked accounts shows that some of them were publishing misleading information about corona vaccines, some were publishing spam, and some were violating copyright. Of course, it should be mentioned that some of these accounts were blocked for a limited period of time and now they have probably reached the end of their time limit.

    Some accounts that had regained access to the platform were re-banned within a short period of time. On the other hand, Twitter has given a blue tick by selling the Blue service to some users with neo-Nazi intellectual tendencies .

    Some of the accounts that have been released are linked to the conspiracy theory group QAnon . Patrick Casey, a pro-white nationalist, and Andrew Anglin, a neo-Nazi who was on trial in 2019 for harassing Jewish residents of Montana, are also on the list.

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    In addition, investigations have shown that some anti- Semitic accounts such as "Michael Jones" and "David Vance" have returned to Twitter. On the other hand, some accounts of the left spectrum have been blocked from this social network. Chad Lauder, an anti- fascist researcher, is one of these people. source