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Friday Night Funkin': Beginner Tips

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    November 30, 2022 9:05 PM EST

    When Friday Night Funkin' was originally made available on Newgrounds, it swept the internet. The website was brought back into the public notice by its distinctive animations, music, and art. Many individuals played it as their first rhythm game since playing Guitar Hero in their living room or visiting arcades as children.

    However, many new players found it to be incredibly challenging. It was challenging to grasp the quick note sequences and vivid, colorful images. People turned to Reddit to get the finest advise from seasoned Friday Night Funkin' veterans. They did not let us down. Here are some excellent pointers that you can use.

    You Can Use Arrow Keys And WASD

    Playing with two hands is one of the most underrated ways to get better at Friday Night Funkin'. The majority of people are unaware that you can play using both the arrow keys and WASD. They can even be used simultaneously.

    Many gamers advise simultaneously using the left and right arrow keys, the W and S keys, or the up, down, A, and D keys. You are free to select the setup that works best for you. It is much simpler to play quick combos and your hands will feel less cramped when using both at once.

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