Why Stay Behind When You Have the Best 11 Plus Tutors!

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    October 22, 2022 12:29 PM EDT

    The 11 plus common entrance examination is usually used for entrance into independent all-girls schools in year 6, however, mixed schools and boys schools often use to test the children with the 13 plus examination, in year 8.

    Preparation for the 11 plus common entrance examination is an entry admission exam used to assess a child before offering they are offered a place within an independent school. This common entry examination is set by The Independent Schools Education Board, however, some schools decide to set their own test. It is often best to ask the school and find out what tests they will be using as this examination is vital if you want your child to attend a specific independent school.

    Education has changed immensely, particularly over the last few years and there is increasing pressure on students to perform and achieve. As standards are improved, the expectation bar is raised. 11 plus subject tutors are experts in their field and it's not uncommon for 11 plus tuition to be used to prepare children for this important examination.

    The 11 plus common entrance exam is an important part of the selection process for any independent or private school. Parents are very passionate about their child's education and may have had their child's name on the list of a prestigious school for many years. There is often a build up to the examination, as the parents know well in advance, and they want to ensure that they are offered a sought after school place. Private tutors for 11 plus can certainly step in and help. They can help your child to prepare for their common entry exam in the key examination areas including English and maths, along with verbal and non-verbal reasoning. As a student, the child is expected to demonstrate strong abilities in these key areas.

    11 plus tutors tuition can be really beneficial for your child, and the sooner they start preparing, the easier the exam will be. One-to-one tuition and focused tuition can develop a child's knowledge and help them to learn the important skills they need to succeed. This type of focussed teaching can be extremely useful as the teaching is individual and it's easier to identify any gap areas. The sooner they begin to prepare, the sooner these skills will be embedded into their learning. Students will have the opportunity to take practice papers and can even gain experience of exam conditions. This ensures that any exam situation is much less daunting for the child, and they are not only prepared but also confident.

    11 Plus tutors are experts in their subject area. When educational excellence is essential, it becomes the tutor's responsibility to make sure that the student is all set for their exam. The good thing about using a subject expert is that they will be knowledgeable in their subject area, and as they are part of the education sector, are also aware of the common entry examination process.

    Often, an exam is not the only entrant test and they will most likely have to attend an interview also. Private tutors are not tied to a specific curriculum, they are there to support your child and this means that not only can they help your child in specific subjects; they can also help them prepare for their entrance interview. 11 plus subject tutors are often experienced particularly in this area and they can coach your child through the interview process.

    11 plus subject tutors make it their mission to coach and support children through the Entrance exam tuition process. 11 plus subject tutors can be an important investment and can help to kick-start your child's future. Their subject knowledge and understanding of the 11 plus process are certainly advantageous and make the transition into secondary school, seamless.

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