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After The Daily Beast appear on Monday that Walker

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    October 7, 2022 5:47 AM EDT

    After The Daily Beast appear on Monday that Walker and an ex-girlfriend had an aborticide in 2009, Walker said he had no abstraction who that woman could be.

    That prompted the woman to action added capacity about her accord to Walker and why her allegation is so credible. She agreed to about acknowledge that she and Walker additionally had a adolescent together.

    For best people, that would assume to accomplish it difficult to abide with the aegis that you don’t apperceive who this woman could be—but not for Walker.

    Against all odds, he again said Thursday that he didn’t apperceive who the woman was, and he appropriate her claims that he is the ancestor of one of her accouchement was false.

    The botheration with that story? Walker already accepted to The Daily Beast in June that this woman was, in fact, the mother to one of his kids.

    Asked on Thursday during a circuitous columnist appointment whether he’d accomplished out to any of the mothers of his children, Walker replied, “Why do I charge to?”

    The anchorman explained that The Daily Beast had appear that the woman who says he paid for her to arrest their adolescent was additionally the mother of one of his children. Walker again adumbrated that the woman would acquire to be the mother of a adolescent he had not yet acknowledged.

    “Because of the commodity I had added kids. That’s why I haven’t accomplished out to anyone, because I said no. And that’s what I beggarly back I said no, I said it’s not correct, that’s a lie. And that’s what I mean, back that’s a lie,” Walker said.

    But that account doesn't accomplish sense. Months ago, Walker himself about accepted to The Daily Beast that this woman is the mother of one of his children. The Daily Beast apart accepted the affirmation with a ancestors cloister agent and a cloister adjustment declaring Walker the father, citation a DNA test.

    Walker’s acknowledgment was possibly authentic in one dimension, however. He still has not contacted the woman afterwards the adventure aboriginal broke.

    Walker had ahead approved to abjure The Daily Beast’s letters on the abortion. “There’s no accuracy to this or any added Daily Beast report," he said.

    But that’s a lie by his own admission. Walker has accepted not aloof one Daily Beast report, but two. The abrupt analyzer of absentee fathers in the Black association has in all accustomed that he has fathered four accouchement by four altered women.

    His developed son, Christian Walker, has claimed that his ancestor was not present in any of their lives, and the mother who additionally aborted one of his accouchement told The Daily Beast on Wednesday that he wasn’t about for their son.

    “He didn’t acquire albatross for the kid we did acquire together, and now he isn’t accepting albatross for the one that we didn’t have,” she said. “That says so abundant about how he angle the role of women in childbirth, against his own. And now he wants to booty that best abroad from added women and couples entirely.