How does the zodiac sign affect relationships?

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    October 3, 2022 5:03 AM EDT

    Any astrologers here? How does the zodiac sign affect relationships? Is this true?

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    October 3, 2022 5:08 AM EDT

    I never make decisions based on them, but I love astrology memes and how often I fit the signs in my birth chart.

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    October 3, 2022 5:13 AM EDT

    Not only Zodian sign but you need to compare the whole birth chat. Zodiac signs are great at predicting general characteristics of a person. You can check the compitability with your partner here Synastry can show the future of the relationship, I often check the synastry with my friends and new people too. But, in the end, every person is unique, so, one's zodiac sign doesn't have to determine their lives.