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Importance of portfolio for a digital marketing agency

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    September 25, 2022 5:41 AM EDT
    What is a portfolio for digital marketing?
    A marketing portfolio is a website or web page that showcases your best work for potential employers or clients. The portfolio should give a brief introduction to your professional background, and should house at least three strong case studies showing your marketing skills. Portfolio of Digital Marketing Agency plays a vital role in introduction for a marketing agency.
    How do I create a digital marketing agency portfolio?
    How to Create a Digital Marketing Portfolio
    1. Set up a website to host your online portfolio.
    2. Ask your clients to feature their work.
    3. Organize the stories for your portfolio.
    4. Use blogging and SEO to reach more clients.
    5. Offer free services or start with low prices.
    6. Build your portfolio with work from your own projects.