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    Chocolate mushroom bars is the new and most safest way of tripping. Examples include: wavybars, wonka bars and the famous one up mushroom bar. Many says it’s the new generation way of eating mushrooms and having a good. 1 up mushroom bar is a mixture of ground magic mushrooms and hot cho


    One up bars for sale are chocolate mushrooms bars, used for microdosing. These 1up bars have a two main ingredients which are; chocolate and mushroom. However the one up bars are popular for their unique taste and powerful microdosing effect. Many people wonder why these mushroom bars have such powerful effects. Well worry no more because we have an answer for you. The reason for such powerful hallucinogenic effects is the fact that these bars contains 3.5grams of very powerful magic mushrooms. Given this incredible combination of magic mushrooms and chocolate, it is only normal that the bars possess such powers. We strongly advice that beginners should not consume a whole bar at once. Also those who are spiritually weak should not consume more than they can carry.


    To the best of our knowledge, one up mushrooms are legal, if not Worldwide, then in most parts of the world. Due to the fact that it comes in the form of chocolate and it is also well packaged, most people consider it to be a unique chocolate brand.


    One up bars are available in shops and other online stores. However there has been some complaints about how some shops sell fake 1-up bars. For this reason we advise that people should be very careful about they buy and also make sure they buy the right products. These fake bars are very dangerous and can lead to some serious health problems. I would have loved to say online stores are the best but given the recent scam reports i am left confused. Nevertheless, there are some shops the sells the real bars and also some online stores who are legit. You just have to make sure that you are the right place.

    The best place to get your one up chocolate bars and other mushrooms products, is an online store that has been proven to be legit by over a million customers. is the best place to get your chocolate bars with a 100% guarantee that the products are original and delivery is fast.

    YES they do deliver worldwide if you must know.

    wavy bars chocolate are unique chocolate flavors comprising of chocolate and mushrooms. This product is similar to the one up mushroom bar but differs in packaging, taste and texture. These wavy bars mushroom has an incredible demand in the USA, Europe and Australia. This demand is as a result of the incredible hallucinogenic effects it has. Wavy bars are mainly for microdosing, making it a lot easier for mushroom lovers to have a sweet trip.

    What Does Wavy Bar Chocolate Tastes Like?

    Like earlier stated, wavy bars are unique products. Although they are similar to other mushroom chocolate products such as the 1up mushroom bars and wonka bars, they have a completely different taste. Here at, we have wavy chocolate bars of different flavors and each flavor taste slightly different from the other. For example, The vegan flavor is mainly for our customers who are diabetic. The Vegan flavor is sugar free and also has great hallucinogenic effects. Also, the other flavors have sugar and taste more like chocolate but with the ability to take you to other realms. However, it has been brought to our notice that there are fake websites and shops selling fake wavy chocolate bars. It is in our place as the official suppliers of wavy bar chocolate to let you know what wavy bars tastes like. This product has a wave-like structure. It has no gritty taste and taste more like chocolate except for the vegan flavor. At wavybars, we aim to satisfy our customers to the fullest.

    Where To Get?

    Given the existence of fake websites and shops selling fake wavy bars chocolate, we strongly advice that you get your wavy bars from US, the official suppliers of wavy bars worldwide. Although delivery might take 1 to 5 days depending on your location, we assure you that it is worth the wait.

    Wonka Bar

    Wonka bar was created by Quaker Oats in conjunction with the producers of the movie willy wonka and chocolate factory. the main objectives of the movie was to promote the wonka bar chocolate. It was inspired by a fictional chocolate bar.from the novel charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the year 1964. The production of this wonka bars ended in 2010 due to the lack of a ready market.

    Over the years there has been an increasing demand for the famous willy wonka chocolate bar. This increase in demand is as a result of scarcity. These willy wonka chocolate bars are extremely scarce and are available in very few shops with US being one of the leading suppliers.

    Wonka Chocolate Bar

    The wonka bar strain is a mixture of the Wonka strain ( wonka oil ) with some hot chocolateWonka bars are different from chocolate mushroom bars. This is so because they have different ingredients and with the willy wonka bars, no mushroom is used.

    Wonka Bars Package

    These wonka bars strain has a unique package which cannot be ignored even by first-timers. The chocolate bar has other varieties. The most common packing system is the brown foil paper with the brand name "WONKA BAR" boldly written in the middle. Also the dosage which is 300mg is on the left and right side of the wonka bar edible directly below the Wonka brand.

    Wonka Bars Strain Effects

    These chocolate bars has a very powerful hallucinogenic effect just like any other psychedelic chocolate bar. The willy chocolate bar strain has the ability to make you forget who you are. However, despite its powerful hallucinogenic effects, there are no negative reviews concerning this bars. Moreover, we advise that you trip carefully.


    With the safety of our clients being our utmost priority, we strongly advice that you should not consume this wonka bars products:

    when driving as it will cause you to hallucinate, which might lead to an accident.

    when you are at work

    Also, keep these bars in a cold environment and make sure they are very far from the reach of kids.

    Consume this product during your free, especially at night and have an experience of a lifetime


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