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What are the factors that Affect Car Transport Cost

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    July 7, 2022 5:38 AM EDT

    1. Distance -
    In long distance transport, there are fuel charges, tolls and labor costs which get added to the final bill.
    If it is short distance, it will cost less.

    2. Shipping method-
    There are two basic transport types that you can choose from: open auto transport and enclosed auto transport.Open auto transport  is cheaper in comparison to the enclosed auto transport.

    3. Type of Vehicle-
     Longer cars require some additional adjustments and that's why shipping costs may be a bit high.
     Due to the difference in the height and weight, luxury cars,SUVs are generally more expensive.

    4. Insurance
    -  Transport companies typically offer basic insurance coverage. 
    Cost of  additional coverage will affect  car transport cost

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