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Teaching Flower Technique Bangkok - Bu-Ngasari Florist School

  • May 28, 2018

    The school where it teaches about Thai garland and flower arrangement Bangkok called “Bu-ngasari” florist school, aims to propagate and preserve the beauty of Banana leaf & Thai flower handcrafted Fine Arts. The school emphasizes on propagating a conventional patterns, a succession from an ancient Thai, as well as another typical Thai arts. These works are special as it needs sophisticated, meticulous, and making a determined effort in order to complete a beautiful one.

    The Fine Arts mentioned above is comparable to a mirror that reflects the way Thai people live, the traditional craftsmanship and the value of Ancient Thai people. However, it is noticeable that Thai craftsmanship is not as popular as an old time, because of its hardness and time-consuming in order to accomplish one perfect and elegant unique Thai garland. Thus, after comparing to Thai population, there are less percentage of this generation of Thai people who still being patient enough to complete this master piece. That is the reason why this type of hobby is disappearing through time. We, Bu-ngasari florist school, are proudly presenting our institution as a part of supporting a conservative cultural heritage of Thai to the future and remain with our children. Our school provides numerous courses such as teaching flower technique Bangkok, suitable for anybody who would like to study Thai garland Bangkok ,study Thai flower arrangement Bangkok , study flower arrangement Bangkok , and more.

    Moreover, the school is also pay an attention to another national arts, contemporary arts and the culture of universal population from each part of the world which can be reflected through the understood of craftsmanship of each culture. Therefore, the school prepares a contemporary or modern floral decoration and English language courses in order to support non-Thai students. If there is any reader’s interest in a topic our school exposed, shall contact us via our school main website; call 064 024 9596. 

    Bu-ngasari florist school is open and ready to teach or enhance a hobby about flowers, such as flower bouquet, how to select a good flower to use, how to maintain a good condition of flowers, how to finish a Thai garland, or all methodological and processes which is necessary to know if you would like to understand your flower. More than that, due to the school’s intention to enhance both Thai and non-Thai students to learn, so we provide a schedulable short private course which will take only few days to learn one pattern of Thai garland depends on the hardness of each pattern and students’ understanding in theory and performance of the learner. For more information, it can be found within the school’s main website, about each subject and its explanation, including another channel which is fan page in Facebook; find bungasarifloristschool keyword on Facebook to looking for us, or you can come to the school where it is located in Phrakanong district, Sukhumwit Road, Soi 101/1 or Wachirathum-satid 63, the exactly same place with Thai house of dessert preservation project. Thank you!