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  • I have seen almost all the online Poker rooms offering help to keep gambling in check. Many stories published in tabloids say gambling is addiction, a mental health problem that can be avoided by using placebos? And they say that gambling turns in depression leading to more alcohol consumption. I understand responsible gaming but poker as an addiction? Huh! I would rather consider the Wall Street as gambling. People go broke to the extent that they sell their homes. Even then, they will go and purchase stocks with the money they got from their homes. Now, this is addiction. One of my friends, she bids for on ebay, on items that she can never use. What’s more? She can bid any amount to win the item. Does she love the item? No. It is just the craze of winning the bid. Why don’t they prescribe capsules for her? Is she nuts? She is happy. I play Poker for fun. I play it daily, preferably in the afternoons. The kids are out. I don’t have anything to do. I am not the kind who reads books. Books make me sleepy. Poker aint. Poker increases my adrenaline flow. I feel more active and more happy. So where is the depression? I drink alcohol, but never did I drink so much that I mistook queens with the kings. I can’t believe that more poker leads to more alcohol and depression. Can you?
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    8/31/18 at 7:00 PM
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