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  • Oil Absorbent Socks, also known as containment booms or absorbent booms, are flexible tubes filled with absorbent material used to contain and absorb spills of liquids, particularly oils and chemicals. They are commonly used in industrial settings, workshops, and environmental cleanup operations to prevent spills from spreading and causing further contamination. Oil Absorbent Socks are highly effective due to their ability to conform to uneven surfaces and their high absorbency capacity. They are often used in conjunction with other spill containment and cleanup products, such as absorbent pads and pillows, to provide a comprehensive solution for managing spills. Absorbent socks are available in various sizes, lengths, and configurations to suit different spill containment needs, making them a versatile tool for maintaining workplace safety and protecting the environment.

  • 1/24/30 at 4:40 PM -
    5/16/31 at 4:10 PM
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    2-10 Kenmore Avenue Stoney Creek, ON, Canada L8E 5N1 Map
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    Oil Hungry
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Oil Absorbent Socks