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  • Foundation bolts are utilized in different sectors like construction, fastening heavy machines, and manufacturing industries. These bolts are pre-threaded bars made with heavy-duty stainless steel. There are different types of foundation bolts and the length varies from 10” to 80” depending on the type. The types of foundation bolts include Eye Foundation Bolts, Anchor Foundation Bolts, Template Foundation Bolts, Hook Foundation Bolts, L Foundation Bolts, J Foundation Bolts, Pipe Foundations Bolts, Plate Foundation Bolts, and Tower Foundation Bolts.

    The use of foundation bolts depends on engineering structures. The J Foundation Bolts are J shaped fasteners which are used in various applications. The L Foundation Bolts are used in building structures or in the foundation. Hook Foundation Bolts are used for load-bearing applications. Pipe Foundation Bolts are used in different applications in various industries. Tower Foundation Bolts are used for various support structures in construction. Anchor Foundation Bolts are used to connect structural elements in construction

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Foundation Bolts