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  • Dream Works: Five http://www.lover-beauty.com/ lingerie in China Victoria' h Secret Versions Share Their Pre-Show Fitness Game Plan Last http://www.lover-beauty.com/Bikini/ Wholesale Bikini night, anyone with a television and a cable connection tuned in to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, where the world's best bodies walked the liveliest runway in New York wearing little more than their underwear and a 10-foot-plus set of wings. What does it take for the models to prepare mentally and physically for the big event? We asked some of the top Angels to divulge their secrets for getting ready in the months and weeks leading up to the show. Here, their responses, which reveal the steely fortitude of a professional athlete and a near-universal obsession with coconut water. What is your workout routine leading up to the show? My lead-up to the show changes every year! Each year I grow more into my body, my career, my wellness, my mind, and my inner spirit. As a young woman, you take for granted that staying lean and in shape is easy, but then you become a woman with responsibilities! I get a huge amount of enjoyment from participating in dancing, Zumba, Pilates, ballet, swimming in the ocean, and the occasional aerobics class. Who also do you train with? This year, since I knew that my season, which started in September, was overloaded, I decided to bring my trainer Justin Gelband to Brazil with me while I worked. Justin and I have been training with each other for six years. Our workouts vary, but each one concentrates on developing more strength, mobility, stability, flexibility, movement, motion, and a body that takes me down the runway looking my best. What do you do? Boxing, yoga exercise, Pilates, toning, shaping, cardio, and any other type of exercise my trainer comes up with. Our company is never bored! When we workout, we focus on the full body, and being strong from top to bottom. Obviously, kicking a trainer's butt with some boxing gloves makes any woman's day time! How often a week? Four to five days a week before the show. My body reacts best when I rest a day in between. On the whole, 100 moments of nonstop action every other day does me well! Do you make modifications to your diet? I avoid cut anything out. I actually focus on eating more protein and carbs to build a stronger body. I have a protein shake every day. Most people avoid want to believe it, but I most likely eat more than a man does! What's the most fun part of getting ready intended for the show? The most fun part is treating it like a project and viewing how far I can push myself in that time, seeing my body modify and get stronger. The best part about training for the show is the amount of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears you put into something you always dreamed of doing. What is your workout routine leading up to the show? I try to stay more consistent with my workouts and make them a priority��switching up Ballet Beautiful classes, yoga exercise, running, and training sessions with Justin Gelband. How far ahead of time do you start preparing? A month before the show I start to really punch into gear. How often a week? Three days on, one day off. Who do you train with? Trainers Justin Gelband and Lynn Duffy, and Mary Helen Bowers [of Ballet Beautiful]. Do you make modifications to your diet? I withhold from having delicacy or sweets during the few weeks leading up to the show. Exactly what is the hardest part of getting ready? It can not the time to have fun eating and trying new restaurants. I love trying new foods! Exactly what is the most fun part? Envisioning the exhilaration of walking down the runway and feeling amazing. What foods or recovery drinks do you rely on? Coconut water and Juice Press Gravity juice.
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