However, not only is the event time-bound

  • Since the hats were limited in supply for a brief period and have since been discontinued, any player lucky enough to OSRS Gold own one could sell the hats for billions of coins. Even though the hats are purely decorative and offer no bonus stats, they are right now among the top items on the Grand Exchange, hitting the highest value of 2.1billion gold in 2015.

    To get their hands on head-on-heads in a Golden Party Hat, players will have to complete "various goals" and earn eight golden shards as a reward for their efforts. Once the eight shards are taken, they will be put together into the Golden Party Hat.

    However, not only is the event time-bound, but only one golden hat is able to be crafted per player. Like their 2001 predecessors, Jagex states of the golden hats that "after the cut-off date they will never be available to earn again!"

    Whether the new item interrupts the in-game economy and lowers the value of party hats or transforms into a brand new even more premium item remains to be seen. Jagex will be celebrating this event with a similar manner with a change to the in-game Grand Exchange location into "a Golden Party Hat winter wonderland".

    The golden hat is the crowning addition (sorry) to RuneScape's year-long celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary. It will launch alongside the reintroduction of the partyhat event is the fourth and final phase of the anniversary challenge, Once Upon a Time, running all year long.

    It is appropriately titled Finale The chapter is described as "the end of the adventure that explores RuneScape's historical, future, and OSRS Buy Gold  present and completes the storyline to the end for Relomia The quest's antagonist."