Kicking off today with the Oasis Restoration

  • The rules will have a limit in the number of GP or gold points, players can stake on an event in the Duel Arena. The players will be able to RuneScape Gold wager "no over 50m GP for each duel". Further measures have not been elaborated on yet.

    Jagex states that "a brand-new experience that will become part of an ongoing Elder God Wars storyline" will replace Duel Arena in the early 2022 timeframe But no other details have been released yet.

    While the full impact of these changes remains to be judged however, they seem to be among the strongest measures any studio has implemented to combat external abuse of its systems for real-world cash-flow. If they are successful, similar steps could be seen in the MMO market in the near future.

    Jagex recently announced after 18 years of being the PvP battlefield, Duel Arena will be being removed from RuneScape and a brand new area to be created. RuneScape will launch Het's Oasis, with an all-new setting, new ways to earn skills and two new mini-quests available to play.

    Kicking off today with the Oasis Restoration The players will be tasked to transform the Duel Arena following a cataclysmic earthquake that has devastated the arena. It is up to the players to collaborate to transform the area from "a blood-soaked pit of fighting, where the greatest heroes have staked their fortune in one-on-1 matches in order to create a serene oasis."

    Players will be able to reconstruct the space and will be able to complete daily tasks which will pay them rewards based on their progress. Participants in the community event will be rewarded with Buy RuneScape Gold exclusive event prizes like a brand-new Crocodile pet, a title, the theme of deserts in cosmetic armour, as well as 'Gators' footwear.