Then came my first moments working in the NFL

  • Moving we're moving on to more exciting and superior things, like football. It's the only thing I'm passionate about, and that's soccer. I knew when I finally received the opportunity to join the NFL that my approach to Mut 23 Coins life will be accepted within the leagues of professional football. Even though my old assistant coach Bill Cartwright cursed me as "the next Rich Kotite" when I made the announcement that I was leaving this team sure of my "no excuses and no compromise" approach will be a great fit in the presence of NFL players. These guys seem to be an extremely hard-working, honest bunch at the end of the day.

    Then came my first moments working in the NFL. When I was given the opportunity to sign up, I knew that I must dress to impress. In all honesty, there aren't many people that dress better than Bill Parcell. Even in the event that you're the Cowboys coach isn't an NFL Head Coach position, there's no reason why I shouldn't follow his style of dressing. This is why I picked sweat pants as the primary element of my coach's attire. Of course, you'll need to be dressed for a variety of situations as an NFL Head Coaches' attire: at work at practice, during game day, and even in frigid temperatures. This is why sweat pants are the heart of my NFL style. Once you've done that, it's time to put on a shirt, any shirt, and grab the Steve Spurrier-styled visor and then it's time to get going.

    After I had my clothes picked out I was ready to sit down for interviews. In normal times I don't make the mistake of calling people and beg for jobs. The city is South Daly City who called me in the end, after all. But, it's the NFL which means that even if I need to be subjected to embarrassing 20-question test, I'm up for it. So, I dial the phone and this grumpy suit begins asking me questions such as "How do you tackle the zone?" And "Do you double-team at your offensive line?" And while I was not going to divulge all the secrets of my trade I did throw him some bone fragments to make him entertained. A few handy meters on the upper right-hand corner of the screen informed me that he was of the opinion that my skills in strategic thinking and dedication to work were good, however I could have assured him this myself.

    Then, after the conversation, it became merely a an issue of sitting in my barcalounger waiting for offers to arrive. They did come in, big-time offers from teams such as that of Saints, Rams, Texans and Jets. Then there it was. The deal I'd been hoping to Buy Mut 23 Coins receive: a 2-year $5.8 million contract from the team I grew up with and adored, The Chicago Bears. The offer wasn't the most lucrative or the longest one however, I knew that I had to take advantage of an opportunity to coach players for the Monsters of the Midway.