Lost Ark turned out to be like any other KR MMO released

  • I'm sighing, IDK, am still willing to play for the next few months however, I'm able also to say that the well-known Legion Raids aren't playing for Lost Ark Gold me. however, I'm not the kind of player who would be enamored with them; I rather enjoy the content that the game provides instead.

    I did get hyped with The Lost Ark Gold River talk and. I'm not big on MMO however the last one I played (Blade and Soul), I lost my life by playing it (I was without work for a period of time) and then I saw that the game's creators getting greedier to the point that no matter the effort I put in, I'd be behind whales. I knew that KR MMO is like that in general and drew a line from them. All the talk over Lost Ark Gold River and SG being great dev caused me to rethink my choice, and I finally decided to give it an attempt at LA. Then... nothing.

    Lost Ark turned out to be like any other KR MMO released in the Western market to make "more money", the dev gives no shit, while the publishing company (or Local team) is left in the dark for the most part they must come up with the answers themselves, p2w (I'll give AGS an award for not dialing back the p2w element, however their actions, or inaction, following indicates they went for the ripe, but then they dial back on Yoz Jar... It's confusing).

    I love Lost Ark, I love the process of getting more characters on the map and then making enough money to make them all pretty. I could see myself being hooked for a while, but it's hard to love players behind the game. The last big whoopsie in the power pass/express events coming up that is useless and is a sign that AGS and SG are not listening; it doesn't allow players who have been around for Cheap Lost Ark Gold a while to return as it does nothing to help new players , and even the players already in the game will aren't going to care.