Enjoy the fantastic value giga Prime Festival held!

  • The "armband" does not have a reinforcement slot and there isn't a limitation on the number of reinforcements that can be strengthened to  Elyon Gold the maximum value of reinforcement. Additionally it is possible to upgrade the "armband" is able to be upgraded. In the event that the enhancement fails, the probability of the enhancement's success will be increased by a correction value that will be added until it is successful.

    Armbands, Armbands, Stones, and Promotion Stones are also available from NPCs.

    - Introduction of the"Relic" item of equipment that is new "Relic"

    A new item for equipment "Relic" has been implemented. "Relics" can be installed as early as character level 45. And each character is able to install up to two items.

    There are 10 "Relics" in all each with its own unique characteristics and effects.

    If the enhancement does not succeed even if it fails, the value of enhancement will not be reduced, the item will not be destroyed, and you'll be able to continue to strengthen.

    Challenge each day! You can win up to 5 levels! Luminous Challenge

    You can log in during the time and then access the "[Second Stage"[Second Stage] Luminous Challenge Box" A maximum of 3 will be distributed each day, with the highest chance to get a 5-level Luminous. In addition to that, people who have an entry into the "[Second Phase] Luminous Challenge Box" will be awarded the "Luminous Forget Constellation" to 100 people by drawing lots.

    "Glowing Forgotten Constellation" is the fifth-level luminous, but it's a unique luminous that can be summoned first time through performing luminous conversion with the "Glittering Conversion Stone for Luminous Lights".

    It will be an occasion in which you will be able to get a lot of Luminous, so make sure to check in every day to earn it.

    Enjoy the fantastic value giga Prime Festival held! Earn a lot of experience points and boost your character! We'll have an event in the afternoon of Wednesday July 20th, where you will earn 2 billion XP dependent on the number of days you've played during the time and Elyon Gold for sale the level you're at at the time of maintenance. Furthermore, based on the levelyou're at, we'll gift you a glowing container that can be useful during adventures for example "Shiny Glowing Box" or "Glittering Glowing Box".