Fragile is the quickest way to increase the power of equipment

  • The suit can be used as an optional however it's difficult to make purple using this suit. The most effective method is to upgrade it with +7. but this change to Elyon Gold the purple holes and entry also is dependent on the face. If you don't have too much energy, it's not recommended to do so. . The players who play with bricks are not recommended directly.This suit is comprised of 4 pieces of crit two + 2 (increase 100 mana, plus crit chance).

    (1) A large number of players who are advanced don't know how to boost the equipment level. In fact, what I want to emphasize is that the equipment level increase and the damage growth are two distinct things. The guide mostly discusses ways to increase the equipment level instead of the damage. It is mostly about quality and enhancement of the equipment as well as the relationship between gems as well as entries is not very significant.

    Fragile is the quickest way to increase the power of equipment. Normal level item 477 + 6"Fragile" is 597. This means that it is a Fragile Lifts are the most efficient. Second, you need to make your entire body armor as violet as you can. The price of purple isn't expensive. It may reach 400 after a period of about +4.

    (2) Then go to the ring merchant in the main city to buy blue-colored jewelry (remember not to buy a ring that reduces hit) and then refresh your blue piece of jewelry each day. If the damage is substantial then you do not need to buy an ring. By Elyon Gold buy climbing the towers 30. and 50 will result in two rings that hit.(3) Gems may also raise the level of equipment However, a gem is just a few points and the amount is minimal.

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