For anyone who is still in the waiting game for the official la

  • Pre-download had been delayed for a while due to an issue with the backend system, but is now accessible via Steam for those who purchased at most one of the games Elyon Gold. The pre-download has been available since 5 am Eastern this morning, meaning anyone who has bought the package will be able to get things ready at any time.

    Initial character development, another pre-release benefit that was affected by yesterday's delayed start has been rescheduled. This process will begin at the time of headstart beginning on October 14th at 10am Eastern/2pm UTC. This period will last through October 17th at 4am Eastern/ 8am UTC. During this period, you are able to set up up to three accounts on one server per region and name them. When you've got these names at launch, they won't be account-dependent, therefore they could be subject to being released if you're not active or have a different account reason.

    Head start will continue to begin on 17th of May, however this will be a follow-up to a maintenance that will take place after the early character creation timeframe closes. Head start will now begin at 8am Eastern / noon UTC. If you're capable of logging in and play during this period if you've purchased pre-release bundles or pre-ordered Elyon before the free to play switch came out, players will be able to purchase a package and jump into the head start , even if you buy it during the time of head start.

    For anyone who is still in the waiting game for the official launch date to join Elyon, that's still set for October 20th, 10am Easternor 2pm UTC. There will be a server dedicated to buy Elyon Gold North America and one for EU at first, with an open queue and the decision made based on capacity on whether additional servers will be decided.