This was fine up until the point where it didn't begin to expan

  • Blizzard affirms it had "a handful of hundreds of thousands from players within one single region alone"--which could either be a large number or Cheap D2R Items average, depending on how Blizzard's servers define regions. (A couple hundred thousand would be extremely impressive in something like Australia.

    If it's a "region" like in the United States, not so much, but if the region was a small part that was part of United States, then maybe it would be. The blog post does not specify this. )According to the developers.

    One of the biggest problems at the root of this issue is the way that Diablo 2 handles core pieces of player behavior. Even though Vicarious Visions updated the original D2 code whenever they could, a large part of the project was keeping the original code in place.

    This was fine up until the point where it didn't begin to expand.

    Diablo 2 has a particular method of pulling information directly from the database to ensure that players can complete what they wish to do. Joining a game? It's a call back to the database central.

    You'd like to switch your characters? It's another way to check central command to make sure that you receive the character you wanted, in the same spot you left it, with everything you've put in for.

    Diablo 2, according to the team, was designed for centralization. The drawback is that only one instance of this particular service could be running at any given time, therefore they are unable to transfer some part of the workload to servers in regional locations.

    "Importantly, this service is a singleton. That means that we only have one instance of it in order to ensure every player is getting the most recent and correct game list at all times," the devs wrote. "We tried to optimize the service in numerous ways to Cheap D2R Items conform to more modern technology, but as we have previously stated, many of our problems stem from game development."