In general your weapon will be determined by the job you're doi

  • You can buy the Slayer helmet from a Slayer master. With this helmet you'll have the protection of your nose and face, meaning it's no longer necessary to OSRS Gold wear nasal masks or masks any more. Also, there is an imbued model of the Slayer helmet called the Slayer helmet (i). It's best to acquire it quickly, because it offers some wonderful advantages.


    As a secondary option, buy a dragon defender when you can find one. It is a powerful weapon with large accuracy bonuses that can eventually boost your damage output. Otherwise, you can get one of the dragonfire shields that are more of a defense option Dragonfires can be effective in killing dragons and wyverns too because of the huge defense bonus.

    If you're an average player, you'll need to purchase the top equipment and weapons you can equip. You should aim to raise your strength bonus maximum to boost your performance per hour.

    In general your weapon will be determined by the job you're doing. When you're fighting dragons, for instance it is important to maximize your stab bonus as high as possible, so in that situation, you might need to grab an zamorakian hasta, leaf-bladed sword or the Rapier.

    Dwarf multicannon

    It is recommended to use an incredibly small multicannon in all call, except for dust devil work. It will speed up the rate of progress per hour so if you have sufficient money, you should consider investing in an ammunition and Buy RuneScape Gold a multicannon for faster results. Particularly with more complex tasks such as hellhounds, suqahs and black demons they're all excellent however, it takes longer if you're using the multicannon.