The Red Enhanced Stones in the main city are available daily in

  • Visit the three cities that border each other to collect the RVR task. Be careful not to pick up monsters (it seems to be the fifth one from the bottom and Elyon Gold you can translate it to determine which one is the monster) The remaining can be picked up. 41 42 Enhanced Stones do not take the BOSS, instead they give 2 enhanced Stones (because only one person is able to complete it).

    42-43 The Red Enhanced Stones in the main city are available daily in the city, and afterward they disassemble the unneeded equipment and sells the Enhanced Stones. 42 is also able to open the blue stone for strengthening. Profitable. This red stone is now bound, and you must to increase the strength of your green equipment to increase it to +4. You can then sell holes and earn money.

    As you get to level 42. take RVR 42-44 to earn the blue enchantment challenge. If you're in a group, the biggest benefit is the spaceship task. This is a task that is best performed with 4-5 people in an organization, as one player will not be able to complete it. There is the red or blue enhancement stone plus 10.000 dollars of gold. Additionally hunting points of red could be exchanged with other precious things.

    Elyon is a shooting game, there will be different content in the game where you must take down monsters, collect all sorts of rare equipment, and take on exciting duel. While doing this, there are many things to cheapest Elyon Gold do in the game. you must complete a variety of contests to be more successful in the game.