For now, Blizzard is taking three steps to help to make Diablo

  • Another issue is the regularity of global database saves which are happening too often with no reason. Blizzard is making some tweaks to D2R Ladder Items make things more streamlined for now and is also looking to implement a more permanent fix, but it'll be a while in coming because it's "an structure overhaul that takes time to create and test, before implementing."

    For now, Blizzard is taking three steps to help to make Diablo 2: Resurrected more reliably accessible: Rate limiting means that there will be limits on how quickly and often players can create and join games; the establishment of a MMO-style login queue to ensure servers aren't suddenly crushed by large numbers of simultaneous logins; and breaking down critical functions into smaller services.

    But , these strategies might end up alienating an chunk of the Diablo 2: Resurrected player base on their own. If players reach rates that are too high, for example, will get an error message telling them that there's an issue in communicating with game servers.

    It's not that much difference from what they're running into today (but it's likely to happen less frequently and to lesser people) in the case of login queues, which make it possible for players to endure lengthy wait times before they can enter the game. Both are better than the current system but will not do much to tackle the widespread complaints to eliminate these issues completely.

    Blizzard claims that it is dedicated to coming up with better long-term solutions.

    "We have people working incredibly at managing incidents at a rapid pace, diagnosing problems and Buy D2R Ladder Items making changes--not only on the D2R team, but also across Blizzard," PezRadar said. "This game means so much to everyone.