Publisher Jagex revealed earlier in the year that RuneScape

  • Today, you'll most of the time, I'm gaming Quake as well as Half-Life or hanging out on Team Fortress 2 - games which are in full force create a lasting impression and are gone quickly. It's great to OSRS Gold be able to play something you enjoy, and then put aside quickly, without having to worry about how many logs of wood I have in my inventory or where I'm likely to fish in the coming session.

    But I miss a lot of the endless grind as well as long-term involvement (and suffering) that is RuneScape. Now in its third incarnation as 'RuneScape 3' (from 2013) with more content and a visual update, there's a glimmer of hope that I might go back to it and see how it's doing, just like I would with the old friend.

    Publisher Jagex revealed earlier in the year that RuneScape will release early access on mobile this summer. Beginning today, anyone is able to dive into the long-running MMORPG for free on iOS and Android.

    RuneScape is free to play. However, subscribers can enjoy more adventures, skills, and bonuses. You can check out the subscription for free during a the seven-day trial. Mobile apps allow cross-play and cross-progression with PC, so you can hop between platforms and continue where you were when you quit.

    Make note that this doesn't Old School RuneScape, a version that's based on a build that was made in 2007. It's been accessible for download on iOS and Android from 2018. This is the fully-fledged RuneScape that Jagex has been continuously improving over the past 20 years.

    There's a clear appetite for RuneScape on iOS and Android. More than 1.8 million players have pre-registered for the respective versions, which have a mobile-friendly user interface featuring a revamped menu, icons, text and Buy OSRS Gold textures. Combat mechanics have been improved to work on iOS in addition to Android.