Spear Dive: Jumps and thrusts the weapon forward, inflicting da

  • Raging Dragon Slash: Enlarges the weapon, then turns to inflict destruction, knocking enemies back.Shackling Blue Dragon: Spins the weapon and Lost Ark Gold  then hits it and creates a shockwave that causes injury. Reduces all affected enemy's Crit Resistance.Soul Cutter: Moves up and attacks before crouching back down. When you press the skill again, it causes damage two times more. This is followed by one final strike that causes damage. Inflicts damage to enemies by knocking them into the air.

    Spear Dive: Jumps and thrusts the weapon forward, inflicting damage, followed by a spinning kick that hits enemies four times. When you press the skill again, it will put the player back on the ground and deal another blow to the enemies around.Stampeding Slash: Hits three times as it slashes forward with a finishing blow that causes injury. It knocks enemies into the air.

    Vault Stick: Flips the spear, inflicting harm and throwing enemies into the air.The Wheel of Blades: Hits three times in a row while spinning. It also delivers a the final blow, which inflicts destruction. Knocks enemies in the air and slams them back onto the floor.Windsplitter: Strikes multiple directions, inflicting damage and drawing enemies close.As far as builds go they focus on two types of builds such as Pinnacle and Control. Each of these builds comes with particular advantages and is most effective in specific types of situations.

    The Pinnacle Build modifies focus and Flurry Stage Three effect while changing postures during the time the Dual Meter gets maxed out at level three. The build's very first awakening skill, Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Spear Meteor, is considered as one of the most effective awakening abilities to be found in the game.The ideal skill-building build for the Pinnacle Build is comprised of these abilities:We recommend using Specialization and Buy Lost Ark Gold Swiftness for efficiency reasons. Specialization should be the primary focus, with Swiftness being the second choice. Ideally seeking a 70:30 ratio for Specialization and Swiftness will be ideal for a Pinnacle build.