What's next for Amazon will be a patch to allow players to prog

  • Up until recently, the controversy wasn't too intense. This is because Lost Ark was a relatively small game with a lot of content in the third tier Lost Ark Gold. There was no need to refine your skills to gain access to anything. The March patch of Lost Ark brought about the introduction in the Argos Abyss Raid. Argos demands an item's level to be 1.370. This is a level which demands players to perform extensive tier-three honing -- and frequently requires players pay real money to make progress. The debate resurfaced, with a lengthy video from Twitch streamer Asmongold in which he criticized Amazon's actions.

    Amazon's response is in-depth to detail the current circumstances with respect to Argos and acknowledges that errors were made. Specifically, Amazon says its initial analysis revealed that players had progressed far enough by now in order to be able to fight Argos on their own, but it didn't work out as planned partly due to that "price of honing skills increasing due to real-money transactions and bots." With that in mind, Amazon apologizes and says it was a mistake announce the March update too early.

    What's next for Amazon will be a patch to allow players to progress through Lost Ark's existing content. Particularly, it will bring crafting materials into the game via Grand Prix rewards, a casual event Guardian Raid, and the soon-to-be Competitive Proving Grounds season. In addition, the next major game content, Legion Raids, is being delayed until players are equipped for the content. Horizontal content, such as new classes, islands as well as an update to the South Vern update are still on time and will arrive in April or May.

    Additionally, Amazon will be providing customers with a gift to be delivered by the 21st of March. The package includes a range of cosmetics and items. It's a way to hopefully appease players while Amazon implements the changes that it has described Buy Lost Ark Gold. The question is whether Lost Ark players will be content with Amazon's changes, in the short and over the long term is yet to be determined.