Entryway To Grave Of The Guardian - Skyreach Steppe Vista Locat

  • Six Tortoyk views to see. All of them are in fairly safe areas on the main maps, so shouldn't give you any trouble. If you've missed one Lost Ark Gold, you can find detailed instructions to all of them below. This is a great book that's worth investing time in to get the most sought-after secret map, as well as an epic masterpiece.

    Cashew Tree Forest - Seaswept Woods Vista Location

    At the Cashew Tree Forest Triport, go east from the area, and then go to the north in the following section of the forest. In the next area, you can choose between two roads north. Take the eastern one. Around halfway up, to the left side of the trail, you'll come to your Cashew Tree Forest vista.

    If you begin in the Rocky Forest Hill Triport, move away from the northwest area and move toward the Grave of the Guardian in the northwest corner of the next area. Instead of climbing up, follow the path that leads away to the southwest. The path leads to the remains of a fallen tree crossing an abyss - and on that path lies the Entryway to the Grave of the Guardians vista.

    Giant Cashew Tree - Seaswept Woods Vista Location

    Take a break from to go through the Ancient Grindstone Vestige Triport and proceed southwest to the Wildflower Garden Buy Lost Ark Gold. Head over towards The Mokoko Village portal. There's the Giant Cashew Tree vista just to the right of the portal in the long grass Hand Of Tortoyk - Forest Of The Giants Vista Location