Other measures that developers will be looking at as punishment

  • Today, Jagex has outlined strategies to address the issue. In a recent blog post and credited to "The RuneScape Team", Jagex declares that "gold purchased via RWT is a problem for  RuneScape Gold any online game that has an exchangeable currency" however, even though the "Anti-Cheating Team has done a lot to fight RWT sellers in but also out" but it is taking stronger measures with immediate effect.

    The company cites a "growing team and better tools", Jagex says it will not just be in the business of acquiring gold and resources through RWT but also buyers. The intention is to stem the demand and also the supply.

    Jagex promises to have to send "messages to players who we've identified as being involved on RWT" within "the next few hours". "For those who have been involved, we'd like to be clear - this is the single und only caution," they added.

    Other measures that developers will be looking at as punishment for RWT activities are expected to consist of wealth removal - which is the removal of gains earned by accounts of players at the server level, as well as possible bans.

    RuneScape's PvP feature, known as"the Duel Arena, will also have stricter rules in place. Jagex affirms that the mode "has been a flashpoint for this kind of shady behavior" and Buy OSRS Gold that 38 percent the bans for RWT actions up to now originate from this aspect to the gameplay. Jagex claims that this equates in "thousands of bans per month".