As we look back at previous athletes that have graced the cover

  • As we look back at previous athletes that have graced the cover before, it's hard to imagine like a season in which we will see an athlete who has been on Mut 23 Coins the cover before. There is only one athlete who has been on the cover before that I can envision appearing on the cover, however all the others will be brand new in Madden 23.

    5. Matthew Stafford

    A cover-athlete is typically considered to be a representation of the prior sports season. If this is so that is the case, then the reigning champion quarterback of Super Bowl LVI has to be included on this list. Matthew Stafford left the Detroit Lions to come and help bring the Super Bowl to Los Angeles and he succeeded. It was even more impressive that it only took him 1 year.

    The position of quarterback is perhaps the most crucial role in football particularly in the current era. Matthew Stafford proved that there was a quarterback problem at Los Angeles and his debut with the team resolved it, along with plenty of other essential pieces that the Rams brought in as well. I think I can see Stafford being a top option for the Madden 23 cover. If EA is going to choose one who represented the past NFL season in all, Matthew Stafford's name must be floating around.

    A Rams athlete hasn't been on the cover of the cover of a Madden video game , since the year 2003, when Marshall Faulk was on the cover and that was when it was when the Rams were still within St. Louis. Due to the fact that the Rams have exploded in the 2021 season and winning Super Bowl LVI Cheap Madden nfl 23 Coins, this could be a great opportunity to have Matthew Stafford on the cover of Madden 23. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Rams are a successful franchise.